Beyond The Greenhouse

Website: 1826 hatcher rd

We are small growing farm that raises and cares for 16 ducks. We care for our ducks by feeding them only organic/non-gmo feed and they free-range for the rest of the day. They are happy girls who love to chase bugs they see on the property, and swim in our swale after a good rain! We use absolutely no chemicals or antibiotics on our girls, or on our property such as pest/weed control sprays. We believe in quality fresh food, and we’d like to bring it to your table. I get a lot of questions about duck eggs and the difference between them and chicken eggs, and I can tell you that there are several. They taste just like an egg should, but richer. They have a higher nutrient value than chicken eggs. They are larger than chicken eggs, and can be used for all types of cooking such as baking, frying, etc… My personal favorite way to eat a duck egg is hard boiled! Yum! The taste is beyond comparable to a chicken egg, and I wouldn’t buy another chicken egg ever again. Give us a try and see if you love our duck eggs as much as we do!
In the future we will be offering microgreens as well, and if you’re interested in that please feel free to contact me and I can possibly set up an order!

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