naked Hippie Brew


We are a local Jun and Kombucha Brewer. We specialize in Making Jun fermented tea. Jun is kombucha’s cousin. Kombucha is usually black tea made with sugar, but Jun with green tea and honey.We use loca Arkansas Raw Honey for our brews. Our Jun is made with herbal elixir blends that we brew. Each having a different purpose for good health. And for those of you that love fruity flavors, we do that too with our Kombucha blends. Our goal is to make a healthy probiotic beverage that not only taste good but is good for you. We strive to make a product you can feel good about. When you see our name we want people to trust that our ingredients are GMO free and made with organic ingredients that are real ingredients. We use Certified Organic ingredients or from local sources that use Organic practices. We make each bottle with care and love. From us to you, here’s to your health!

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