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Step Right Up! Everyone's A Winner!

It’s that time again. The Arkansas State Fair is headed this way, and with it all the gargantuan, gastronomic monstrosities you can imagine. Turkey legs the size of small children, funnel cakes topped with entire snow drifts, corn dogs as long as your arm, cotton candy in every shade of the rainbow, and fried everything as far as the eye can see. No matter which crazy concoctions you choose to splurge on there’s one thing that always holds true: it’s not good for you, but it’s so good.

Alas, man cannot live on grease alone and that’s where The Market comes in. We have all the wholesome, whole foods you’ll crave once you crawl away from the neon lights and climb back onto the nutrition wagon. So stock up while you still can because The Market closes tomorrow morning and we will not be open next week, but stay tuned because we’ll be back before you know it and have some exciting things in store.

~Rebecca Wild