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The Market is Blooming!

Good Morning Locavores,
The Market is open and looking so gosh darn nice. You don’t realize how nice it is until you see everything out in display on Saturday. Including, most recently, fifty one orders for Crimmins’ carrots.
Bake Sale!
First off, have you RSVP’d for our Bake Sale? This coming Saturday. Baked goods, proceeds going to a new page theme. And you’ll get to vote on the theme! Please consider bringing some baked goods for sale and contact us at Look forward to Strawberry & Cream Cupcakes from Sugar Shack Sweets and Vanilla Coffee Floats from Loblolly Creamery.
In the market…

FRESH STRAWBERRIES! From Doug and Brenda Kratz at 5k Farms in Hot Spring County. These berries are grown sustainably with no insecticides on their mixed fruit farm.
and since it is grilling season…
Farm Girl’s Pork: Mini Pork Share: A great seasonal selection of their best meats from Animal Welfare Approved, woodland raised happy hogs. 9-10 lbs of tender pork cuts, chorizo and italian sausages, linguica links, a fresh ham, 4 pork chops, and maple and hmong mini link sausages.
Falling Sky’s Smoked Pork Chops: I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying these chops several times. Their smoky flavor is amazing.
Don’t forget McSwayne Ranch’s lamb: a wide variety of delicious cuts.
Ratchford’s wide selection of grass-fed beef, including his Grill Master Special.
from our vegetable friends….
Lots of beautiful lettuces and salad mixes! Greens galore, but our very own Vera Chenault discovered a recipe to tame all greens into deliciousness (see below). I also see plenty of root veggies to enjoy.
Coconut Curry Kale w/ a twist: Slice one granny smith apple and one yellow onion, saute in 1 Tbs coconut oil in a large pot until soft. In a small bowl mix 3-4 Tbs curry powder with applesauce to make a paste and add that to the apple/onion mixture, along with 2 cans coconut milk. Then add a bunch of roughly chopped kale (or any green) Cook on low for 4 hours, stirring every now and then.
And don’t forget our plants and seedlings! I recommend perusing the plants section; there is a lot, including tomato, pepper, and herb plants.
From our Farmer friends…
Drewry Farm & Orchards had a great open house and farm tour!
Tammy Sue’s Critters recently had two sets of twin kids (baby goats) join their herd!
Youngblood Grassfed Farms is making headway on their butchery!
And, last but not least, the Raw Milk Bill. Governor Mike Beebee has signed a bill to legalize the selling of raw milk. This bill will open new doors to so many of our small farmers, as well as hopefully add a great new product to our market!

Sam Hedges

Weblog Entry

We’ve got great news to share:

On April 16th, Tales from the South will feature our very own Director of Operations, Sam Hedges. You can pick up tickets at their website. You don’t want to miss this!

ALFN T-Shirts have arrived! We’ll have your pre-ordered shirts available on Saturday during Food Club pick up. We’ll also have a few extras available, but I think they’ll go fast!
If you’re looking for a summer job check out Summer of Solutions 2013 Available to applicants 16-26, this program will help you develop the skills to bring environmental awareness and sustainability to your community.

And the best news of all –You still have time to take one last look at the market!

Weblog Entry

Good Morning,
The Market is open, and it is looking nice. Remember: order to your heart’s content. No need to hold back. It’s Spring, after all. In a few months time, you’ll be missing all the Spring lettuces and roots and greens, and you’ll say, “Doi! Why didn’t I order more?” At least, that’s how the conversation plays out in my head.
Nodes of Taste for the market this week…

Farm Girl has Poulet Libre: a variety of chicken with which basic roasting yields an unbelievably crispy golden skin over well-balanced and buttery, nearly sweet meat. Sounds delicious. Also, though they aren’t avaIable at the moment, I bought a Farm Girl stew chicken (i.e., retired laying hen) and slow cooked it the other week. The meat was flavorful and much more complex than standard chicken. I learned that it is true: with age comes beauty.
ANP’s Green Garlic: delicious pureed with garlic cloves, salt, and a little olive oil. Pungent and tangy.
Crimmins’ & Ratchford’s Beet Greens: don’t give up on them. They make delicious oven chips, with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and 450 degrees.
Crimmins’ Bright Lights Swiss Chard: I’m guessing this chard is the origin of neon color. You won’t believe how bright they are. In fact, all of Crimmins’ lettuces and produce are just beautiful right now. Like little edible works of art.

Plants. I’ve been really pleased with how many plants are coming through our market. Our Food Club members clearly have green thumbs. In fact, according to Bo Bennet of the Whole Foods’ produce department, Little Rock’s Whole Foods sells more plants than the mother Whole Foods in Austin, by a big margin. I dare say we have a rich connection to the land, and we’ve got more than enough plants for sale right now. There is also a Plant Swap this Saturday at the Bernice Garden, along with barbecue and poultry swapping. Sounds like a wicked Saturday.

Speaking of events, a lot is coming up this month. The Earth Day Festival. The Sustainability Summit. The Literary Festival. Farmers’ Markets opening. Don’t forget our Bake Sale on the 20th! Proceeds go to purchasing a new, prettier design for our market. Please consider contributing some baked goods and send us an e-mail at Loblolly will be there with Vanilla Coffee Floats!

AND, last but not least, a recipe to share, from
Kelly Carney of North Pulaski Farm, for his very own broccolini:
- North Pulaski’s broccolini, chopped
- 2 tbsp mayo/sour cream
- A good dash of sugar
- Dried minced onions
- 1/4 cup milk
- Crisp bacon
All tossed in a bowl and ceremoniously consumed in a matter of minutes (according to Kelly).
Sam Hedges

Don't Forget-

The Market closes tomorrow morning. Last call for Farm Girl’s pastured chickens, New South Nursery’s heirloom tomato plants and Crimmins Family Farm’s lovely tulip bouquets.

Speaking of lovely, have you seen the new themes available for our site? With your help, we’d like to give our market a makeover! During Food Club on April 20th we’re hosting a bake sale to raise funds for our new look. Be sure to pick up some tasty treats with your order and vote on which theme you like best. If you’d like to donate something confectionary to the cause, drop us a line at

And speaking of tasty, on Sunday, April 21st, Barnhill Orchards is hosting a farm visit and fish fry! You can check out their brand new high tunnel structure, walk the ground your fruits and vegetables grow in and chow down on delicious catfish and fixings. Click here for more information and to sign up.

We’ll see you Saturday!

-Rebecca Wild

This Week's News in Food

Good Morning,
I hope you are all celebrating birth and Spring this fine Sunday morning. There are many ways to celebrate the gifts life offers, and one of them is by ordering said gifts for your own enjoyment and nourishment.
So, the Market is open. We experienced some HUGE sales yesterday; the Spread the Word campaign is working. Keep it up!

Quick thought: a lot of farmers’ markets are soon to open. I believe attending the first Spring markets is an important part of the new season: you get to say Hello to your farmers after a long winter, enjoy time outdoors, and get some real community time.
May I suggest something…
Sales in Food Club typically drop off as other markets open, which makes perfect sense. There are more options for getting local food. And, as long as people are buying their food locally, who can complain? Many of our Food Club customers do the following: they get their staples from our market (bread, cheese, lettuces, meats) and visit the other farmers’ markets to enjoy socializing and buy the extra knick-knacks for their kitchen. We believe in networking markets together for the benefit of everyone. Get your food from a variety of markets; they have different things to offer. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. So, we encourage you to continue using Food Club regularly and enjoying your other markets simultaneously!

A big Thank You to Maison Terre for spending time at Food Club yesterday, showcasing her fantastically dyed eggs (see pictures on her Facebook page), spices, teas, and skills in all things herbal and beautiful.
Two things from Maison Terre:
Natural Egg Dye Recipes
Raised Bed Plans.

Check THIS Out…
We have a new vendor! Please welcome New South Nursery. Tom Frothingham manages an 18-acre farm and nursery in West Pulaski County. He specializes in native plants and saves and cultivates his plants specific to our region, using Integrated Pest Management and organic fertilizers. Look for his native wildflowers, vines, fig trees, and vegetable plants under our Plants section. Here’s a word from Tom himself… "Hello everyone, this Tom Frothingham. My involvement with sustainable agriculture stretches back over 30 years, with a particular interest in native plant conservation for the last 10 years. New South Nursery focuses on Arkansas native plants, but my love of plants is pretty eclectic so we offer a number of non native plants, including heirloom vegetables, herbs, carnivorous plants and fig trees. I’m very excited to be a part of the Arkansas Local Food Network, and I look forward to a great growing season this year. "

Farm Girl Natural Foods is back in our market, with a variety of tasty meats. They’ve got all cuts of chicken, plus stew birds and whole chickens. Fresh Ham. This caught my eye: Hmong Sausage: a Northern Thai sausage featuring unique asian flavors. I’m eager to try it out!

North Pulaski has a lot of beautiful, green-purple broccolini. I’ll be roasting my broccolini from yesterday’s pickup later.

It’s warm and occasionally not wet outside. Time to do some grilling. Farm Girl, Falling Sky, and Youngblood Grassfed Meats have a variety of pork chops, sausages, and bratwursts. Don’t forget our offerings for grassfed beef!

Crimmins Family Farm is bursting at the seems with produce. I think they may have a pest problem, because they appear to be emptying out organic rabbit food onto our market at unparalleled rates.

Fun Farmer Updates:
Here are the Farmers’ Markets opening this April and May!
15 Shade Tolerant Plants for your shady yard.
Drewry Farm & Orchards is having a Plant Sale.
Rattle’s Garden Flower Ladder.
Falling Sky Farm raised $10,000 in under three weeks! Three cheers! Crowdfunding works, people!

There’s a million more bits of news to share in this ever-growing local food landscape. Stay tuned for delicious updates.
Sam Hedges

Ovos, eier, huevos, uova, oeufs!

Whatever you call them, there’s only 16 hours left to get them from the market! Be sure to order everything you need for a fantastic Easter: ham, fresh veggies and eggs, eggs, eggs!

If you’re looking for another way to make it a fun weekend, check out the 5th Annual Conway Seed Swap and Local Foods Festival. Starting at 1:00 this Saturday, stop by the Faulkner County Museum to celebrate sustainable food, check out sponsor booths and get dirty with some hands-on demonstrations of traditional skills. The seed swap is free, but for a mere $5 donation you can enjoy live music (starting at 2:00) well into the evening while supporting a great cause!

-Rebecca Wild
ALFN Food Club Coordinator

This Week's News in Food

Good Morning to the Food Obsessed!
What? I’M not obsessed with food. Are you? Of course not. We’re all just hungry.
Well, guess what? The Market is open, and while it won’t feed you today, you’re probably needing to eat the Food Club goodness you just picked up yesterday. It’s a cycle, see.

Edible Points of Interest…
North Pulaski Farm is out in force, with tons of broccolini and broccoli leaves, plus some delicious lettuce mix.
Crimmins Family Farm has beets and some beautiful, organic lettuces.
Maison Terre has every color of spice for natural egg dyes. For a guide to making natural dyes, check out P. Allen Smith’s.

Speaking of egg dyes, Sarah Brown of Maison Terre is working with ALFN to host Spring Eggs-travaganza next Saturday. We’ll be providing everything you’ll need for your natural egg dyeing this year. Next Saturday, during Food Club, we will be….
1) Handing out recipes for natural Dyes
2) Selling spices, fruits, and vegetables that make the BEST, nasty-chemical-free dyes
3) Sampling some dyes for fun
4) Hard boiling eggs and making some colorful, oval expression
5) Celebrating Spring in general
Be sure to come out in force next Saturday! We’ll be in the courtyard, weather providing.

Fun Sharing and News:
From Tammy Sue’s Critters about her Open House yesterday,
“We had a great time at our Open House. Thanks to all our friends that came out visit. We enjoyed visiting with you all. Hope everyone enjoyed time at the fire pit and having s’mores. The children really seemed to have fun with all the baby critters.”

From Rattle’s Garden on fun in farming,
“Yesterday I planted green beans. In the middle of March. In Arkansas. While it was snowing.”

And, from Farm Girl Natural Foods,
“Farm Girl Chickens Seek New Homes…
Our meat birds are ready to eat! Get your hands on them on Conway Locally Grown and Little Rock Locally Grown markets this weekend and at Argenta Farmers’ Market April 6!”

Last but not least, for a fun little teaser, ALFN is in the heat of planning our Spring Fundraiser. Here are some highlights, with details to come….
1) The Oxford American’s new restaurant South on Main
2) Locally inspired Southern food
3) Little Rock micro-brewed beer
4) Live music, farm stories, and Spring celebration.

Sam Hedges

It's not too late!

That’s right, the market is still open! Get your order in while you can.

To our members celebrating Passover next week, Chag Pesach Sameach! Don’t forget to stock up on local Seder supplies. Need fresh parsley for the Karpas and gefilte fish? Grass-fed lamb shanks for the Zeroah? We have pastured eggs, beef and buffalo brisket, potatoes, mushrooms and more!

-Rebecca Wild
ALFN Food Club Coordinator

The Market Opens with a Vengeance!

Wow oh Wow Community,
So much good stuff to report…
The Market has opened with a vengeance. But if this is vengeance, than I’ll take a second serving.
Crimmins Family Farm is back up with loads of organics greens, lettuces, and root veggies. We’re always so happy when Crimmins shows back up.
Ratchford Farms just brought goat meat back to our market. Take it from me, folks: give goat a chance. It is a deliciously complex and rich meat. Between that and McSwain Ranch’s lamb, we’re sitting in the fabled catbird seat. Or cloven-hoofed seat.
Plants n’ Seedlings. I was at Home Depot yesterday, in the garden section. Everyone in line, taking home those sad garden variety seedlings. A depressing sight, in comparison to us buying beautiful, healthy plants from local growers.
Don’t forget about Kent Walker’s Artisan Cheese: the stuff is amazing and provides a happy companion to lettuces!
Happy shopping.

Sam Hedges

ALFN Totes, T-shirts, & non GMO chicken feed

Good Morning!

As part of our continuing initiative to Spread the Word, we are ordering canvas totes and organic cotton t-shirts with our logo.

The totes will be a long handled heavy canvas large tote and will cost only $10.00.

T-shirts are organic cotton and available in Adult sizes (S, M, L, XL) in natural, pale yellow, light blue, pink, green, and red. Check out the Adult sizes & colors here. If you preorder, we can also order Ladies sizes (S, M, L, XL) in the same colors. Check out the Ladies sizes here.

We will be selling these organic cotton shirts for only $15.00!

Please respond to this email to preorder with the size and color preference. I will assume Adult unless you specify Ladies. This will help determine how many of each size and color to get and there is no need to prepay. We’ll be ordering 36 to start unless lots of folks respond. Also XXL and larger are available although there is an extra cost.

Got chickens? Are you interested in non GMO chicken feed? We are working to get GMO free chicken feed (layer, starter, grower, scratch) in 50 lb bags. Please email Dwayne if you are interested!

Thanks and have an awesome week!