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This page contains news, event information, and other announcements about our organization. If you have any questions about this program, please email us at or call 501-396-9952.

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The Market Closes Tomorrow

Good Morning Mammalians,
The Market closes tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Better order now. You may still be sleeping at 7:30am tomorrow morning. What a sweet luxury.
Our Growers’ Giveback Potluck is shaping up nicely. Plenty of RSVP’s and delicious sounding food, plus the chance to enjoy the company of…
- Jerry Markham of Bluebird Hill Berry Farm
- Kent Walker of Kent Walker’s Artisan Cheese
- Jonathan Buford of Andeyo Farm
- Jay and Deanna Fulbright of Arkansas Natural Produce
- Kelly Carney of North Pulaski Farm
- Liz and Ryan of Bussey-Scott Urban Farm
And Yes, folks, there will be a red carpet with photographers, plus speculation on who is wearing what.
Sam Hedges

Locally Crafted Tea's

Good Morning,
Hope you’re not frozen to death. If you are, we have some locally crafted loose leaf tea’s from Maison Terre now available. They’ll warm you up just fine. I can personally attest to the quality of these tea’s. Just got done drinking a mug of her wonderful Yerba Mate. Plus, Sarah Brown of Maison Terre does own her own tea room, so tea is kind of her thing. Try one this week!
Sam Hedges

The Market Openeth!

Good Morning and welcome to Food Club, the Locavore Grocery Store.
In these times of inclement weather and political yabber, isn’t it nice to just order some good food and eat that good food? Better yet, isn’t it nice to eat good food with other people, including the folks who, I don’t know, grew/raised that food? Hah! Now you’ll be wanting to join us for our Growers’ Potluck.
The Market is open. Greens a’plenty, and I’ve included a recipe for Coconut Curry Greens. Check it out below. The snow pea tendrils and kohlrabi from Ratchford Farms caught my eye.
Enjoy your ordering!
Sam Hedges

1. Coconut curry greens
Wash and pick a couple pounds of greens
Sautee a diced onion in the oil of your choice (virgin coconut oil is a great choice here)
Add 1 tsp salt
When the onion is golden brown, add a few cloves of minced garlic
After one minute, add 1 tsp curry powder (some folks may wantto adjustthis up, or add cayenne for more ooomph)
Deglaze with one can full-fat coconut milk
Add greens and cook for 30 min or so

Grower's Potluck Donations

Good Morning Friends and Family,
For those of you potlucking with us on the 19th, donations will be available tomorrow for your potluck dish. Just ask your market manager or volunteers about what is available. Honor code here, folks. Please use your donated food for the potluck. We are an enlightened people, after all. The days of our Viking ancestors are long gone.
We ought to have a lovely variety of donations: ground beef, eggs, turnips, peppers, radishes, chicken, spare ribs. Whoa boy. Yet another reason to come to our potluck (RSVP here)!
Sam Hedges

Grower's Potluck

Morning Ya’ll,
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but ALFN is hosting a Growers’ Giveback Potluck January 19th @ Noon, just after Food Club. This lunch is all about giving back to our local farmers, gardeners, and artisans, for the hard work they put in year-round to provide us with high quality food. Especially after a three-month drought and ice storm, our growers could use a little pampering. So please join us for a Saturday lunch in good company!
If you intend to attend, RSVP here.
A few growers have generously offered to donate food this Saturday for the potluck next Saturday. If you’d like to make use of ground beef, pecans, green beans, purple hull peas, sun-dried tomatoes, or eggs for the potluck, please e-mail me asap.
Sam Hedges

Food Club! Sleep Ordering!!

Good Morning Dear Community E-mail Database,
ALFN urgently reports to you on the recently discovered, potentially lethal disorder: Sleep Ordering. A dear customer of ours came to Food Club yesterday, perplexed at the order she had made. “I don’t even remember placing an order!” she exclaimed. “Maybe I did it in my sleep?” A grim prospect that required immediate investigation. I myself have come to Food Clubs before only to be vexed by my order sheet. “When did I order this ?” I wonder. Is it possible that I’ve fallen victim… to Sleep Ordering? A condition in which the fundamental desire to order fresh, local produce and meat is expressed during sleep, before the computer, filling baskets arbitrarily with delicious, albeit unwanted, food? If you suspect you’re a victim of Sleep Ordering, contact us immediately. There may yet be a cure.

None of that was serious, for those who don’t enjoy sarcasm. Except I really do scratch my head sometimes when I see what I’ve ordered.
The Market is open and seeking hungry customers.

Kent Walker has two new cheeses: Funky Goat (a blue cheese) and Petit Roche (a camembert).
North Pulaski’s and Arkansas Natural Produce’s peppers looked exquisitely beautiful yesterday.
Falling Sky Farm still has a few turkey breasts available.

Let’s keep our momentum up this Winter. We’ve had some fantastic volunteer support as of late, plus new members and lots of orders. Keep ordering and spreading the word to friends who want to eat locally!
Sam Hedges

Rainbow Carrots and Snowpeas

New Year’s Day! One last chance to get those regrets in before you wipe the slate clean. That’s how life works, right? For those of you who will actually stay up for midnight and beyond, I wish you well.

There are beautiful Rainbow Carrots and Snowpeas from Laughing Stock Farm on our market. Organic and eager for some new year digestion.

And last but not least, a little sharing from Farm Girl in these wintry days of snow:
“We were swamped with over 16 inches out here in Perry Co and have been walking to tend our cattle on leased land several miles away. Here’s a pic of our pigs playing in the snow. Two of our chicken coops were crushed, but no birds injured. Otherwise the damage was limited to downed trees and limbs on our electric fences, which we have mostly cleared now.
And check out this “pic” of their pig, happy in the snow. If this link doesn’t work, check it out on Facebook!

Sam Hedges

Tamales, Spiced Pecans, Rainbow Carrots

Last Food Club for 2012 tomorrow! The worlds not the only thing ending! Goodbye 2012 Food Club! What will 2013’s Food Club be like? Futuristic? Telepathic? Enigmatic?
We’ll be going out in style tomorrow. Michelle will have her tamales. Laughing Stock Farms will have organic rainbow carrots, snow peas, and more! Angela will have us a juice bar! I’ll have Spiced Pecans from Hardin Farms! 2012!
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow

Good Morning Locavores!
A bright, brisk wind this day’s commencement. Perfect for taking the recycling out.
The Market closes tomorrow. One more day to get your order in before two agonizing weeks of absence. Won’t you need eggs and breakfast sausage for your holiday mornings? Won’t you need Rudolph-esque red tomatoes, organic and locally grown?
We WILL be juicing this Saturday. $2 a cup, $1 if you use your own Food Club produce.
Josh Hardin of Laughing Stock Farms will also join us with his organic snow peas, rainbow carrots, fennel, etc., as well as Hardin Farms’ pecans.
See you this Saturday for a bustling holiday market!
Sam Hedges

A Change in Monday's Pickup

Morning Everyone,
Christmas approaches, and we have an important announcement: As Monday night is Christmas Eve, we are changing our Monday pickup time to Sunday, 4:30-6. We hope that works for your schedule. If not, Saturday is still an option!
Three more bits of delicious news:

  • Falling Sky has whole turkeys + turkey breasts and legs available.
  • North Pulaski has organic ripe tomatoes.
  • My last weblog should have read “Throes” not “Throws” in the subject line. “Thanks,” to my grammar watchdogs.
    Sam Hedges