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This page contains news, event information, and other announcements about our organization. If you have any questions about this program, please email us at or call 501-396-9952.

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Seed Swap Thirteen!

Good Morning Hopeful Swappers,
We’re hosting CAAH’s annual Seed Swap this Saturday during Food Club (10-1). CAAH? Conserving Arkansas’ Agricultural Heritage. A fantastic organization that works to save heirloom Arkansas seeds and continue the process of seed saving and breeding better crop varieties for our climate. RSVP on Facebook! It is a potluck, so please bring a little something something for our swappers.
You do not have to have seeds to participate. Seeds will be for sale, and CAAH always requests that you save your seeds to bring back and swap next year.
And, on the simplest level, it’s fun to come, have a few conversations, see what cool varieties of seeds are available, and learn about CAAH.
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow!

Hey you,
By “you”, I mean the Food Club member who hasn’t ordered for the week yet…
The Market closes tomorrow morning. Better get your order in. Don’t you just know how you’re going to kick yourself come this Saturday, if you forget?
Sam Hedges

New Grower: Lamb Anyone?

Good Morning folks,
Please join me (digitally) in welcoming a new grower into our fold: Michael McSwayne of McSwayne Ranch. Check out his profile. For our tasting pleasure, Michael has uploaded his 100% pasture raised, grass-fed lamb. I don’t know about you, but lamb is a meat I dearly love and have sorely missed in our market. No hormones, no grain, no antibiotics or any other problematic chemicals. Just grass, which makes for some supremely flavorful lamb.
Two recipes for you: Lamb Kebabs and Lamb Curry.
The Market is open. Order to your stomach’s content!
Sam Hedges

Markt Closes Tomorrow!

The sun is shining…
But The Market is closing tomorrow morning, @ 7:30am sharp! Get your order in!

Just Pretend It's Outside (Open!)

Morning all,
The Market is open. Time for some menu building: veggies, fruit, bread, meats.
PLUS, a lot of seedlings and plants, courtesy of ABC Nature Greenhouse and Herb Farm. Plenty of house plants, heirloom vegetables, and herbs. Based on the weather outside, I’d say you could do some good growing right now. Speaking of which, why can’t this computer be outside, along with our online market? It is beautiful out there. I know it’s hard to stay indoors and place your order. Maybe you can take your i-Phone outside and order in the sunshine?
Sam Hedges

Farm Visits!!

I’ve got 2 words for you + 1 date: FARM VISITS 2013!! It’s time to get out there, breathe the fresh farm air, and talk to our beloved growers. To sign up for a farm visit or for more information, go HERE. Spots fill quickly.
In related news, Jerry and Jeaneane Markham of Bluebird Hill Berry Farm are hosting a Farm Visit Day, June 2, @ 1pm. Complimentary burger lunch, made with ground beef from – guess where?
Sign up HERE. So many opportunities to take a quick, agricultural vacation.
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow Morning!

Hey ya’ll,
The Market closes tomorrow morning, bright and early. Will you wake up in time? Best not take the chance. Order… Go! You know, like Detective Gadget.
Sam Hedges

Market High in January

Good Morning,
The Market is open. Someday, it’ll be old enough to do it by itself, but we’re still training it.
The market is doing great right now. Lots of orders and new customers! Keep it up!
Some fun things:
Pike’s Peak Beef Roast from Bluebird Hill Berry Farm. Jerry has thoughtfully offered a recipe for this cut of meat. He actually includes recipes with most of his beef cuts. Check them out.
Sugar Snap Peas from Arkansas Natural Produce.
Turnip Greens from North Pulaski + Turnips from ANP/Barnhill + Sausage from Youngblood/Falling Sky/Farm Girl + Red Potatoes from Kornegay = a really good turnip soup. Think about it.
AND we published a digital cookbook for our Growers’ Potluck! Check it out here. Free to download!
Sam Hedges

Market Turns Back into Pumpkin Tomorrow

The Maket turns back into a pumpkin tomorrow morning! Better get your order in now!
I’m being metaphorical, of course.
Still plenty of good stuff to stock your kitchen with!
Sam Hedges

Market's Got A New Bag!

Good Morning Co-People,
The Market is open. Notice anything different? No? Seriously? Gosh, you are so insensitive. We got a new design! Courtesy of Paul Dysinger of Bountiful Blessings Farm in Tennessee. I know it seems random, but Paul is a talented web designer and offered the community a free facelift. I don’t know about you, but the market products really pop now. Enjoy!
Goodies that caught my eye:
Herb Seedlings from Willow Springs, including Cilantro, Basil, and Arugula. Perfect time to grow your own herbs.
Pork Baby Back Ribs – I slowed cooked these in a crock pot with vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce, cumin, smoked paprika, and plenty of salt and pepper, and, MAN, they were good.
Firecracker Black Tea – a delicious pepperminty Winter tea.
Funky Goat – my new favorite Kent Walker cheese. It’s got a solid goat funk to it but is not overpowering.
Our Growers’ Giveback Potluck was a smashing success. No, nothing was smashed. The food was unspeakably delicious, and the company above average. I daresay we fed our growers better than they’ve been fed all year (in its twenty day entirety). We even got a chance to applaud our beloved, name-tagged providers. Towards the end of the lunch, a Food Club member stopped while passing Jay Fulbright. Her eyes caught his name tag: “Jay Fulbright of Arkansas Natural Produce,” and lit up. “Your Arkansas Natural Produce? I LOVE you guys!” I considered the event to be a success at that moment.
Sam Hedges