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This page contains news, event information, and other announcements about our organization. If you have any questions about this program, please email us at or call 501-396-9952.

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Market Closes Tomorrow!

The market closes tomorrow! Get your order in! There’s a fable about the boy who forgot to order before the market closed, but I can’t remember it. Just let it be known, he met a grim fate!
Sam Hedges

3-Buddy's Shiitake Mushrooms

It’s been a long while, but 3-Buddy’s Berry & Mushroom Farm has their fall crop of Shiitake Mushrooms available! Chemical-free, grown on oak logs, tender and delicious! For some good recipes, I recommend Googling Shiitake Mushrooms Martha Stewart Recipes.

Fresh Goods

Good Morning Locavores,
The Market is open! And it’s high time you restocked your fridges with non-Thanksgiving-leftovers. How about some fresh produce, meat, and eggs instead? There’s nothing like the detoxifying powers of kale to wipe an over-fed slate clean. I do hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving. I for one spent it in Denver, Colorado, where everyone lives off of delicious food and beer. Lots of beer. And lots of hiking to even things out.
A tip for the traveler: visit the New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins. It’s fantastic. And eat at ANY restaurant along Pearl Street in Boulder. Don’t bother asking if the food is sourced locally, because all of it is. Look forward to seeing you this next weekend!
Sam Hedges

Volunteer Call

Happy Post-Giving!
And/or Black Friday, if you’re mad for consumerism. Why don’t we get trampling mobs at farmers’ markets?
I can’t believe I’m having to brake my fast from harassment via e-mail, but we could use a few volunteers for tomorrow’s food club. Not a lot, just a few. So if you could use some company with fresh produce after a few days of butter and gravy, come on!
Sam Hedges

Thanks! Giving!

Good morning fellow locavores,
A holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not primarily because I am of noble spirit and enjoy giving thanks, but because I love eating food and taking food naps. I’ve been practicing my elastic stomach exercises for weeks.
But giving thanks is important. For the 364 days of the year that don’t fall on Thanksgiving, you take most realities for granted just to keep your schedule manageable. The sun rises because it does. Your car works because it needs to take you to work. You’re healthy because you are. And, a little more relevant, the earth provides food for you because it should. If you didn’t take these things for granted, you’d spend most days curled up on the floor.
Of course, none of these things has to happen. In the same vein, the fine people who supply are market don’t have to farm. We’re just very lucky that they chose to, otherwise we’d been eating Butterball turkeys (no real offense Mr. Butterball) this Thanksgiving. I’m finding that, with age, the care-free kind of gratitude I felt easily as a kid is fading. It’s more difficult to get silly happy about the good things in life. The sun rises, but so what? I’ve got stuff to do. So I like to take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to re-adopt my sense of childlike wonder at the world, to be thankful for the good things that didn’t have to come into my life but did. And have somehow stuck around. Such as this wonderful organization, and this great community, and these awesome growers. Thanks to all of you. As an expression of my gratitude, I shall open the market.
Sam Hedges

Maison Terre's Tea Room and Herb Shop

So I have good news and bad news. Which to start with? Twenty-five years of living hasn’t yet solved this quandary, and I wonder if it ever will.
Bad news, just because it’s shorter: the Market is closing for the week (not for good) tomorrow morning. You have less than a day to get your orders in for this Saturday-Monday! They make a mean pair. And then it’s Thanksgiving, and then what will you do?
THE Good News, because there is no other: Maison Terre has gone brick-and-mortar, i.e., opened up the Maison Terre Tea Room and Herb Shop. They’ll be serving up hot teas, gourmet lunches, organic herbs, and other fantastic Maison Terre’esque products. Check out their website for more information! I encourage you to go warm yourself with a “cuppa” (as the U.K. says, or so I’ve heard) and a Curry Chicken Salad Sandwhich with Creamy Tomato Soup. Just for example…
Sam Hedges

Best Turkey of all Time

OK. So my family came together for an early Thanksgiving celebration (plane tickets are cheaper, less Holiday craze; try it some time), and Falling Sky Farm was kind enough to sell us one of their turkeys a little ahead of schedule. My dad brined and roasted the turkey according to their recipe, and now I have to announce that this was the best turkey I have ever tasted. It was phenomenal. And this is your last chance to reserve a turkey! Do your family a favor!

I’ve also got a few good guides to greens here for you, recipes included. There are so many varieties on our market that it can be quite overwhelming. Hopefully these guides (Number One, Number Two) will help you make your purchasing decisions.

It’s also time to think about what locally grown goodness you want for your Thanksgiving feast. What you order now you will get next weekend, i.e., the weekend before Thanksgiving. We’ve got plenty of holiday staples: pecans, sweet potatoes, greens, ham, turkey, artisan cheese, honey, apples, artisan bread. I think it’s of paramount importance to feed you and yours the right kind of food on a day meant to give thanks.

Last but not least, I have two announcements from our grower community: (1) “Turtle Rock Farms is very sorry for the issue concerning their 1/2 chickens. TRF is out of chickens and tried to make them unavailable repeatedly, yet a software error kept making them available. The error was caught when orders were sent out to them each week. We were able to verify the error and have since deleted the item permanently. Lastly, TRF is out of all items currently and will not return to the market until 2013. Thank you for your support and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.” It was indeed a software issue, and we apologize for those of you whose orders were not fulfilled by no fault of Turtle Rock’s. And (2), from Chuck Crimmins, “just wanted to let the market know that after this week’s listing, we will be taking a two week break and recuperate!! We won’t list again until Sunday, December 2 (for pickup on Dec. 8) We currently have ~30 items listed, many greens, lettuce, sweet potatoes, etc. If folks are interested in our ‘Perry county’ organic produce for both pre-Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day meals, this would be the week to order.”

So check out our market, order up and get some clothes with a bigger waste line ready!
Sam Hedges

Volunteer Call Ya'll!!

If you have the time this Saturday, we could use a few more volunteers for Food Club, particularly for the Late Shift! Follow this link to sign up on our volunteer calendar and come enjoy a morning at Food Club!
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow

Hey ya’ll,
The Market closes tomorrow. Get your order in!

Falling Sky Tyrkeys

The latest in market research indicates that rapid-fire, low-content bullet points are the most effective form of invasive advertising. Let’s give it a shot…
Falling Sky Turkeys available. Reserve now!
Real Food recipe for greens! We have lots of greens!
Pecans! Pecans! Pecans!

I didn’t find that satisfying. We do have pasture-raised turkeys available for reservation. For a Thanksgiving feast, a humanely and naturally raised centerpiece is the best form of thanksgiving for Earth’s abundance. Reserve yours now!
Sam Hedges