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This page contains news, event information, and other announcements about our organization. If you have any questions about this program, please email us at or call 501-396-9952.

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The Market Is Open!

Good Morning Everyone!

The market is open and ready for your orders.

ALFN has an exciting opportunity to partner with Grocery Express, a business that delivers your groceries straight to your door. If we move forward, then we would have a way for members to choose “grocery delivery” on our website while placing your order for the week. There would be a fee for members to use this feature, so we are trying to determine how interested you are in having a grocery delivery option. We have created a survey to gather your opinion, and would really appreciate if you could fill it out for us! You can take the survey here – it should only take a few minutes to fill out!

We really appreciate our members and are always looking for new ways to serve you. Everyone enjoy this gorgeous Sunday! We’ll see you next time.

Claire Hodgson
Program & Market Manager

Volunteers Needed

Happy Friday! We still could use 1-2 volunteers for our late shift tomorrow morning, from 10:00-12:30. If you are able to help out, please sign up here!

Market Reminder

Hey everyone,

Don’t forget to place your orders on the market before noon!

We need volunteers for the early and late shift this Saturday. If you are interested in helping out and earning some credit for your account, please sign up here!

See you soon,
Claire Hodgson

The Market Is Open!

Hello ALFN Members!

The market is open, and I hope everyone is ready to order after last week’s hiatus.

I’m currently enjoying a beautiful view from my friends’ front porch at the Circle Yoga Shala near Jasper, Arkansas. The Shala is a yoga training center nestled high up in the Ozark Mountains. Every part of the farm strives to be a model of sustainable living, from the compostable toilets (which took a few visits to get used to) to the meals pulled straight from the garden outside the kitchen backdoor. Just this morning I pulled out a few sweet potatoes that were bigger than my head!

I love finding these environmentally-conscious communities and homesteads across Arkansas. I’m also proud of ALFN for striving to make local, sustainable food choices more accessible to Little Rock residents. Thank you all for being a part of this movement!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Fermentation Workshops being hosted by the Southern Center for Agroecology.

Another community event possibly of interest to our members is the Weekend With Shane Claiborne being hosted by Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church October 28th-30th.

Can’t wait to see you all this weekend. As always, don’t hesitate to voice your questions or concerns!

Claire Hodgson
Program & Market Manager

See You All Next Week!

Hello ALFN members!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your goodies from the market. The market will not be open this week for ordering, but we can’t wait to see you all again on the 29th!

There are a few upcoming events that I wanted to remind you about. Shane Claiborne, a founder and board member of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia that has helped birth and connect radical faith communities around the world, will be at Pulaski Height United Methodist Church and St. Luke UMC for the weekend of October 28th-30th. You can see his speaking schedule and register for his events online.

Finally, don’t forget about the fermentation workshops being hosted by the Southern Center for Agroecology! Sign up here to make sure you have a spot!

I hope everyone enjoys their week. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

See you soon,
Claire Hodgson
Market and Program Manager

Market Reminder - Closed Next Week!

Hey ALFN Members!

Don’t forget to make your orders on the market before noon tomorrow. I highly suggest stocking up on food this week, as we will not be taking orders next Sunday-Wednesday! (Don’t worry, so far this is the only time of the year we’ve had to close the market). Don’t worry – if you’ve already made your order for the week and are feeling like you may need more items to make it through your Food Club withdrawal, you can go back and create a second order!

Claire Hodgson
Program & Market Manager

Weblog Entry

What a beautiful Sunday morning!

The market is open and waiting for your orders. Sorry you did not receive this as an email right at 12 – the market has been open for ordering but this message only posted as a weblog, and not as an email! I apologize for that. Hope everyone was able to get on and start ordering despite the confusion.

This time of the year seems to make me hungrier than usual – is it the weather? My inability to turn down anything that includes “pumpkin spice” in the title? Whatever it is, lately I have found myself drawn to dishes with savory flavors and warm Fall notes. This week I’m craving a hearty beef stew, apple pie, and sauteed kale with pecans and cranberries – lucky for me, I can buy almost all the ingredients I need on our market! We’re so fortunate to have a large network of growers who provide a variety of local produce to suit our tastes.

Speaking of variety, we made another order of dry goods! We have organic flour, beans, quinoa, and more. Make sure you order some and stock up! Don’t forget that we will not be having market on October 22nd due to the Race for The Cure.

Finally, for anyone interested in learning how to ferment their own food, the Southern Center for Agroecology is hosting a wonderful workshop series at Christ Episcopal Church (led by our own Angela Gardner). The next one will teach participants how to make cucumber kimchi, and is on October 22nd from 6-8. You can sign up here and get more information about the series.

Now excuse me while I go make a steak and egg omelette. I wonder how a pumpkin spice blend would taste on it….

Claire Hodgson
Program & Market Manager

Market Reminder

Hey everyone,

Remember to make your orders today before noon! We have some great end-of-the-season items you should take advantage of.

Also, we still need volunteers for this weekend. Earn some credit for your Food Club account and hang out with some wonderful folks! Sign up here.

See you soon!
Claire Hodgson

Market Is Open!

Happy Sunday everyone!

The market is now open and ready for you to make your purchases for the week.

We have some beautiful pears from Barnhill Orchard that you should definitely check out. I love eating them as a snack with a tahini dipping sauce. Put some cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey into your tahini and dig in!

One announcement: We will be closing market the week of Oct. 16th-22nd because the Arkansas Race for the Cure is taking place downtown. We encourage you to sign up and pledge to support the runners in lieu of ordering! :)

Have a great week,
Claire Hodgson
Program and Market Manager

Market Reminder

Hey guys!

Quick reminder that the market closes tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon. Make sure you head over to the site and place your orders before then!

See you Saturday,