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A B C Nature Ghse/Nursery

Our little nursery is a Mom and Pop operation with Debe Hudson being Mom and Milton Bence being Pop. Our mom and pop operation is nestled at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in a woodland area in the Arkansas River Valley. The Arkansas River is to the south and the Ozark Mountain Range is to the north. We are 15 miles west of Russellville, AR and we are 15 miles east of Clarksville, AR. We are just off State Hwy 64 4.7 miles west of London, one block off Hwy 64 up Hwy 359, and 1/4 mile down County Road (CR) 1750. When you arrive, you will be surprised at what you may find in this beautiful woodland setting. Remember, we are in a woodland setting and you may see snakes, turtles, bobcat, lizards, an occasional bear and the normal ‘out in the woods setting creatures’. Don’t be alarmed, we do take precautions and do what we can to combine the wild with the tame. If you would like to visit our little nursery, please call to make an appointment and we will do our best to accommodate you.

A B C (Awesome! Botanicals of a Celestial) Nature Greenhouse/Nursery
specializes in unique edible nursery plants and more:

Medicinal, Culinary and Ornamental Herbs
Seasonal vegetable plants

We are now using an organic fertilizer on our plants for those that want to eat healthier. We start with organic seeds and feed them only organic food, but they are not organic! We also do not use any sprays or synthetic anything. We believe in using the IPM or Integrated pest management system at our farm. We use good bugs to eat or kill the bad bugs, but ABSOLUTELY NO POISONOUS SPRAYS APPLIED HERE!

Since we are in the constant process of planting seeds, transplanting and adding our products daily, do inquire if you don’t see what you need; IT PROBABLY WILL BE COMING SOON!

You may now find us on facebook under We update daily and throughout the day to keep you up-to-date on things happening and plant availability as they become available for sale at our farm.

You may also contact us at

Thanking you in advance.

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