The Sweet Life Apiary


Honey produced right here in Little Rock from bees in your back yard. The honey is raw (no heat processing) and is only strained before bottling. I do not use pesticides and chemicals in any of my hives. It is NOT necessary!

The Sweet Life Apiary got its start with one of those random events. The Central Arkansas Beekeepers Association was advertising a beginning beekeeper class at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show 10 years ago and I thought—why not? Sure I was frightened of those stinging insects but as a gardener it seemed a logical extension to at least research them. I quickly became hooked.

I enjoy keeping bees because they are fascinating creatures and because honey from your own back yard tastes absolutely amazing. It really encourages you to notice the flowers that are in bloom throughout the year.

Chickens were another impulsive action. I love walking through the poultry barn at the state fair and last year went to a poultry swap ‘just to see what was there’. I came home with some baby chicks which have grown rapidly into egg laying pets who eat insects and absolutely love to destroy any type of flower bed especially if you’ve mulched it. :-)

Why other animals will be added to SLA? Only time will tell!

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