Mac Family Farm

We are a small diversified homestead that produces enough extras to share the bounty. We raise pastured eggs from chickens who have access to a compost pile, paddocks that always allow access to fresh grass and who eat only nonGMO feed. We have a garden that uses only organic fertilizers. We use ‘guinea power’ for bug control with few exceptions. Our garden includes seasonal veggies, berries and a small orchard.

We have two young children that we want to feed only the best snacks to. With them in mind we are always looking for new ideas on how to keep them interested in food without sacrificing quality and relying on processed foods. Our baked goods and candies will vary from week to week and will be available to purchase at the Saturday pick up (not for purchase online). We always use the highest quality ingredients such as sprouted flours, local honey, organic maple syrup, and minimally processed sugars like sucanat. We also have many gluten and grain free options such as baked goods using almond flour and coconut flour and sweets made without grains like energy bars made with dates and soaked nuts.

We also have a homemade skin care line called “Skin Snacks.” We firmly believe that everything we put on our body ends up in our body and keeping with that idea we make skin care products with the highest quality food grade ingredients. If it isn’t something we would feel good about eating then we shouldn’t be feeding it to our skin.

The primary ingredients we use in our skin care products are all organic and unrefined. Coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil, red palm oil and cocoa butter. In addition to the oils and butters listed above we also use essential oils in certain products for a delicate scent along with their healing properties. We use olive oil infused with dried herbs in our salve and diaper cream. Our deodorant contains aluminum free baking soda and our diaper cream and sun lotion use non-nano zinc oxide.

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