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A Bite o' Tradition

Hey ya’ll,
The Market is open and, well, really full. As in, I’d list some highlights of what you may find to your liking, but the very prospect is exhausting. How about this: locally grown food. That’s what you can find this week, and it’s as much a highlight as I can muster, given the astounding abundance.
I hope many of you made it out to the Cornbread Festival yesterday, and I hope you felt as ashamed of yourself as I did after my thirtieth piece of cornbread. Shout out to Loblolly and The Root Cafe for their prize-winning, locally-sourced fare. And a shout out to Angela Gardner and ALFN, for entering an amateur cornbread made of Ozark popcorn seed that was then popped, ground into meal, and made into some wild and tasty cornbread. We will be winning the Amateur Competition next year.
And I hope you got a chance to taste all the different greens at the festival. It’s cool to have a food festival that honors something so deeply traditional (and not artery-clogging) to the South as greens. And it reminds me of how good greens are. I mean, rich Southern food good. And the market has loads of greens, not to mention pork lard, bacon, peppers, ham hocks… all the stuff you need for good greens. Load up, I say, and eat some tradition!
Sam Hedges