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Maison Terre's Tea Room and Herb Shop

So I have good news and bad news. Which to start with? Twenty-five years of living hasn’t yet solved this quandary, and I wonder if it ever will.
Bad news, just because it’s shorter: the Market is closing for the week (not for good) tomorrow morning. You have less than a day to get your orders in for this Saturday-Monday! They make a mean pair. And then it’s Thanksgiving, and then what will you do?
THE Good News, because there is no other: Maison Terre has gone brick-and-mortar, i.e., opened up the Maison Terre Tea Room and Herb Shop. They’ll be serving up hot teas, gourmet lunches, organic herbs, and other fantastic Maison Terre’esque products. Check out their website for more information! I encourage you to go warm yourself with a “cuppa” (as the U.K. says, or so I’ve heard) and a Curry Chicken Salad Sandwhich with Creamy Tomato Soup. Just for example…
Sam Hedges