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Thanks! Giving!

Good morning fellow locavores,
A holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not primarily because I am of noble spirit and enjoy giving thanks, but because I love eating food and taking food naps. I’ve been practicing my elastic stomach exercises for weeks.
But giving thanks is important. For the 364 days of the year that don’t fall on Thanksgiving, you take most realities for granted just to keep your schedule manageable. The sun rises because it does. Your car works because it needs to take you to work. You’re healthy because you are. And, a little more relevant, the earth provides food for you because it should. If you didn’t take these things for granted, you’d spend most days curled up on the floor.
Of course, none of these things has to happen. In the same vein, the fine people who supply are market don’t have to farm. We’re just very lucky that they chose to, otherwise we’d been eating Butterball turkeys (no real offense Mr. Butterball) this Thanksgiving. I’m finding that, with age, the care-free kind of gratitude I felt easily as a kid is fading. It’s more difficult to get silly happy about the good things in life. The sun rises, but so what? I’ve got stuff to do. So I like to take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to re-adopt my sense of childlike wonder at the world, to be thankful for the good things that didn’t have to come into my life but did. And have somehow stuck around. Such as this wonderful organization, and this great community, and these awesome growers. Thanks to all of you. As an expression of my gratitude, I shall open the market.
Sam Hedges