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The Market Loves You

Good Morning,
The Market loves you! Well, technically, the Market doesn’t have any feelings. Technology hasn’t come that far… Yet. But your farmers are fully developed sentient beings, and they do love you! You, who make their way of life possible. They love you, and they hate squash bugs.
Oh, and have you filled out Natural Awakening’s Natural Choice Awards 2013 Ballot? Vote for your favorites!

ALFN: Goings-on Updates…

Every time a big, exciting project like our recent fundraiser (did you attend? Tell us what you thought with this survey. Sure, it will steal precious minutes from your day, but we’ll respond by putting on an even better event!) ends, there’s a kind of downer lull, in which the more trivial stuff takes over, and I sort of miss having the big project. It can’t all be fun. But I’m excited to begin working on our FRESH Directory ’13 edition, which, like any good movie sequel, will feature more, more, more. In this case, that more relates to community gardens, local farms, non-profits, farmers’ markets, and restaurants. We are, sad to say, still lacking in explosions and cameos.

Hey, That Looks Tasty…
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Food Club is rocking. We’re getting so many orders that we need new equipment to hold it all. Rebecca, our Food Club coordinator, is pulling her hair out, which is… a good problem to have? Not sure, but we love the orders! Check these tasty items out…

Beef Brisket. Brisket sounds really good to me right now. With fresh-drug potatoes? Yes. Ratchford has beef and buffalo (there’s a special on buffalo), Bluebird has it trimmed and 3-week dry aged, & MeatWorks has brisket from their own butchery.

Felder Farm’s Candy Onions: a polished onion sheen, thousands of years of onion refinement, generation to generation, to produce these master tubers. Or is it a root? Someone explain the difference!

Bussey-Scott California White Garlic: I opened my bag of this yesterday, and a pungent garlic smell met my nose. What should I do? Eat it raw? Roast it? What method would epitomize this garlic goodness?

Taters! Lots of varieties, from Kellogg Valley, Armstead Mountain Farm, Barnhill, and Kornegay Berry Farm. I know this is a silly thing to do, but someone should order each variety, do a boiling or roasting, and conduct a little taste test. See is there are differences. It’d be FUN!

Zephyr, Summer, and Patty Pan Squash from Rattle’s Garden, Kellogg Valley, & Barnhill. A squash recipe I tried and liked: sauté sweet onion (from Felder Farm!) with squash (little cubes) in olive oil. Get it nice and tender. Then, toss with basil and feta.

Herbs for your consideration: Bronze Fennel, Chocolate Mint, Dill (for the potato salad you should be making), Garlic Scapes (for the mashed potatoes you should be making), Summer Savory, Berrgarten Sage, Spearmint, Peppermint (for sun tea). Lots to try. Thanks to Bussey-Scott, Willow Springs, and Armstead.

Flower Bouquets from Crimmins’ Family Farm. These bouquets are a family product: Chuck’s daughter grows and cuts these flowers, which include stattice, snapdragons, larkspur, & queen anne’s lace.

What our Farmers are saying…

From Drewry Farm & Orchards :
“Sold 40lbs of cucumbers , 95lb of squash, 50 lbs of ripe tomatoes, lots of swiss chard and honey and salsa, this morning, AND we are just getting started!!! peaches will be ready soon!”

Tara Stainton of Rattle’s Garden lost her first sungold tomato to " a grubby little hand." Hint: it was her little boy.

Falling Sky Farm’s take on their cows grazing on the hillside: “The good type of mountain top removal.” Yes indeed. Don’t forget: cows add a little something in return. From the other end. If you get my meaning.

From Kellogg Valley Farms :
“Garlic is looking good!” Can’t wait to eat it.

OK, I just have to direct you to this picture of Falling Sky Farm’s little Cabbage Head Eliza and North Pulaski’s Kelly Carney! It is really cute.

Sam Hedges