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The Market Closes Tomorrow!

Oh Marketeers,
Don’t you know that The Market closes tomorrow morning? Let’s face it: you won’t be getting up at 7AM to order! The future is no place to delay your better days, my friends. Yes, you might as well order now, because the moment is all we have! Carpe Vegum indeed.
On a more serious note, now is the time to show your support for our local growers. Their summer crops are coming in, after months of hard work, and they’re looking at some long, hot days ahead. What warms (or cools) a farmers’ heart in the relentless afternoon? Customer support!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ordered anything from Arkansas Natural Produce, they will not be delivering this week. They notified us but neglected to remove their products in time. They sincerely apologize, and we will remove these products from the orders.
Also, Crimmins Family Farm is taking a two-week break and will rejoin us after the 4th.

You know this stuff is good…

To be quite frank, there is a lot happening in Ye Ole Market today. If you haven’t looked it over, than you’re just crazy.
Heirloom Pinto Beans. What? I’ve never had fresh heirloom pinto beans. Thank you, Hardin Farms, I will try them!

ROASTS and GROUND BEEF and FARM GIRL CHICKENS and PORK CHOPS! It will be the 4th of July next week, and a cooler is best made full by local, pasture-raised meats. Order them today, eat them next week, dream in between.

Carrots from Little Rock Urban Farming. Hah! Are they gone yet? Better jump on it. Armstead’s carrots are currently a whopping -21. We are Vitamin-A Addicts.

Sweet Corn. Come on now, folks. FRESH ARKANSAS SWEET CORN! Particular credit goes to Hardin Farms, for detailing his growing methods and offering a non-modified parent variety of his infamous Peaches & Cream Sweet Corn.

Peppers have re-entered their seasonal orbit and are raining down in sweet variety. Anaheims, Poblanos, Padron, Chinese 5 Color, Bell. It’s always a significant moment, to me, when peppers return. Same as Tomatoes and Fresh Okra. It’s Summer, friends.

Some Sharing Moments…

Have you checked out our recent post on Farm Girl Natural Foods. It really is worth a read. Farm Girl is the type of farm that takes your understanding of agriculture a few layers deeper. And, courtesy of Angela Gardner, the pictures are amazing!
Last but not least, a little post from Dunbar Community Garden :
“We can’t put into words how happy we are that it’s raining right now. Mother Nature do your thing!” Except you just did… Let’s all hope for rain.