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The Market Is Open: Folksy Foodies

Why, Hello Digital Community,
I didn’t see you there. Did you hear? The Market is open, and in a wave of grace, we received a cold front that kicked the heat down a few notches. It feels indescribably good outside right now, and ALFN really thinks you ought to take advantage, since we may not see a day like this for another three months. ALFN knows what it’s talking about.

Quick musing: Folksy Foodie. I think this can be the phrase to label the unique Arkansan locavore. See, we have the kind of foodie slant, loving fresh food and gushing over pictures of food on Facebook and eating purple carrots. But we also have a long, rich background of agriculture and gardening that the more progressive havens of foodism lack. You talk to people at pickup on Saturdays, and they can easily remember growing this stuff as kids with their grandparents. It’s a little new age and old age. We are Folksy Foodies. Eh, try it out, see if it sticks.

Local Food in the House, Ya’ll…

Out of town for the 4th weekend? Don’t forget about our Monday pickup option. Just because you must miss Saturday pickup, doesn’t mean you have to go without your local groceries.

Bulk Cabbage from Armstead Mountain Farm. A saw a few customers take their bulk cabbage home yesterday, with plans for fermentation. Toss in some garlic and other shredded root veggies, and you’ve got a funky mess.

Ghost Peppers from Willow Springs Market Garden. This pepper should come with a skull and crossbones. Infamous for being hot beyond the realm of reason. Brave souls have tried… and died. Well, I don’t know if anyone’s died, but the idea makes the pepper more alluring, doesn’t it?

Moringa Leaves from Willow Springs Market Garden. This could be an interesting horizon-broadener. A super-healthy green, so they say, superior in taste to spinach and collards, etc. Eat raw or sautéed.

OKRA from Kellogg (Certified Naturally Grown), Barnhill, and friends. I love fresh okra so much. Roast or grill it (helps pull out some of the slimy) and it is so divine.

Gray Zucchini from Bluebird. Interesting. A staple, Jerry says, in Latin cuisine, with a gray-green skin. Anyone tried the Zucchini-Pepita salsa at Local Lime? This might be the time to recreate it at home.

Squash, Squash, Squash. Acorn, Butternut, Yellow, Zucchini. So much squash. Perfect for carving figurines and giving them to your children as toys. The bonus is that when your children get tired of your carven toys, you can eat them.

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes from everywhere. Little cherries, heirlooms, hybrids. Order some tomatoes + MeatWorks or Falling Sky smoked bacon + Arkansas Fresh multigrain bread and baby, you got a BLT.

Bulk Basil from Rattle’s Garden. $10 for 1 gallon. Not bad. Time to make pesto. Also, lots of fresh basil from Little Rock Urban Farming, Armstead, etc. plus a multitude of herbs for cooking.

Arkansas Natural Produce and Crimmins’ Family Farm are taking a little vacation. Yes, I miss them too. Until then, try consoling yourself with hot peppers and blueberries. And chicken feet.

Sharing and So-shia-lizin’…

Wanting to visit a U-Pick place for some berries? Loretta Elmore in Hot Springs…
“Yes it is berry picking time, We are starting u pick next week. We will be open for picking starting Tuesday morning, our hours will be 6am to 12pm everyday except Thursdays and Saturdays, We charge $2 a pound which usually averages about $12 a gallon for U-pick. Anyone wanting to pick should give us a call at 501-984-5498.”

A day in the life of Tammy Sue’s Critters
A look at today on the farm. Get up, feed and milk. Spend several hours moving hay and making sure all critters have fresh water. Then make delivery to Little Rock, head to Sherwood Farmer’sMarket, set up in a little bit of heat, work till 8:00. Time to head home and feed and milk again. Then, looks like rain, we have to cover 26 rolls of hay with tarps. Finally at 10:30 shower and have fresh peaches on ice cream! Wow, what a day."

Starting July 7th, Boulevard Bread Co will be open for brunch on Sundays. I love brunch.

And, last but not least, Le Pops was recently featured in the Food Network’s magazine as Arkansas’ best ice cream treat. Some serious recognition there, indeed.

Good week to all, and a happy 4th!

Sam Hedges