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This page contains news, event information, and other announcements about our organization. If you have any questions about this program, please email us at or call 501-396-9952.

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Market Closes Tomorrow

Good Morning Friends,
The Market closes tomorrow morning. And then there will be no more ordering for you… Very sad.
Still lots of great things to buy. Radishes and turnips, plus THIS great recipe for Radish Relish. Also, word on the street is Arkansas Fresh Bakery will have some Pumpkin Sourdough or Cranberry Walnut bread for sale this weekend.
Happy Halloween!
Sam Hedges

Markey Updates

A Happy Week’s Start ter ya’ll!
First and foremost, I wish you a merry Cornbread Festival. That’s right, it’s this Saturday. Speaking of which, the Festival is in need of more amateur cornbread competitors! If you are, or know someone who is, a mean cornbreader, consider signing up! Details below…
The market has got great stuff. Radishes galore. Check out this guide on Martha Stuart’s site for great radish recipes! We’ve also got turnips and some cool recipes for them, including Turnip Fries as well as Turnip and Sweet Potato Gratin. Delicious!
For fear of tooting my own horn, I must tell you that the Real Food in Little Rock blog posted a contribution by yours truly (that’s me) concerning our Network! Follow this link down the rabbit hole. Please read and share with folks who don’t know about us! Feel free to send along compliments and constructive criticism.
OK, last but not least, notes for amateur cornbread warfare: contact Liz Sanders at 501-617-2511. It’s $25 to enter, and you can win big prizes! Find the form here. Please consider entering; they are hungry for more amateur competitors!
Sam Hedges

Weblog Entry

Howdy everyone!
The Market is now open. We are entering the time of year where are our market really shines. Where else can you order from the comfort of your home and pick up awesome local food in a WARM and friendly environment? No gusty cold breezes here. Just an awesome group of volunteers ready to parcel out your orders with a smile. See you at the market!
Dwayne McFarlan

Call for Volunteers!!

Hey ya’ll,
We’re putting out a call for volunteers again. Now, so that we actually know who is going to be volunteering on Saturday, please sign up through our volunteer calendar. If that link doesn’t work, please e-mail me at and let me know you’d like to volunteer for an Early or Late shift. Then I can add you to our online calendar. If you’re an experienced volunteer, we’d especially like your help, as we have some new volunteers that could use your practiced guidance!The response was so good last time we sent out a call, I want to make sure we don’t have too many people show up! Thanks!

One More Day o' Orderin'

Hey ya’ll,
One more day to get your week’s market order in !
We’ve got bulk green beans from Crimmins.
We’ve got a colorful variety of root vegetables, including beautiful radishes and turnips.
We’ve got such a festivity of fresh greens you’d think we were ruminants.
Here’s a thought: fresh salad greens, honey-roasted pecans, Kent Walker cheese. Now THAT’S a good salad.
One order of business: if you choose Monday for your pickup day, please note that Monday’s pickup runs from 4:30-6pm. We can’t guarantee that anyone will be available to help you with your order before or after that time.
Sam Hedges


Hey ya’ll,
We’ve got pecans! Courtesy of Hardin Farms, you can get them whole or cracked! It’s been a long wait since we last had pecans! Laughing Stock Farms has also uploaded their Mei Qing Choi (can’t pronounce it, but it’s a delicious cousin of Bok Choy) and pepper sauce! And ABC Nature Greenhouse and Herb Farm has huckleberry plants and fig trees!

Location, Location

Good morning everyone.
The Market is open. I’d like to thank everyone for giving us some of the biggest weeks in sales that we’ve seen all season. I’m sure it has everything to do with the fact that our market is still bursting. It’s like the hard, drought-ridden summer never happened. We are, once again, abundant.
We should also feel grateful that we are in Little Rock. Beyond the simple truth of Little Rock’s hidden greatness, this city enjoys a thriving local food scene. Perhaps the most thriving in Arkansas. Besides benefiting from a multitude of farms, produce, and meat, we have an unbelievable energy for food. People are engaged; potential stretches out in every direction. We love our own communities and the things that grown from them. So, while the market is packed right now with local fare, it’s equally filled by your energy and enthusiasm. Here is the proof that buying locally makes a serious impact: look around you. Look at all the markets, the events, the people, the ideas that have sprouted in the last few years, as more of us reinvest in our own community. If location is so important, I’d say that we’ve all landed in the right spot.
Some things to note:
Farm Girl has added pasture-raised chickens to their repertoire
*Kent Walker has added a new Muenster style cheese

Plenty of live plants from ABC Greenhouse, Drewry Farm, Willow Spring, and Tammu Sue
A heckuva lot of vegetables
Arkansas Black Apples
Let’s enjoy another week of full grocery bags!
Sam Hedges