Green Acres Atkins

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Green Acres~Atkins

The name of our farm is Green Acres Atkins and our farmer is Tom Green. You can find our farm just north of Atkins on Hurricane road. The farm is nearly 25 acres and the garden is almost 4 acres.

We grow many different vegetables and natural products. We are privileged that our vegetables and products are USDA organically certified!

We work year round to provide a variety of fruits, vegetables and meat to our customers at local farmers markets, e-markets (online markets), grocery stores, and schools. We recently expanded our high tunnel operation to diversify the variety of vegetables that we provide to our customers!

We grow everything from okra, peaches, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, garlic, honey and much more!

Bees are an essential part of any gardening operation. They help the garden in the pollination process and provide HONEY!

We look forward to feeding you and your family year round! If you ever have any questions about our farm or products please don’t hesitate to contact us
at greenacres987@gmail.com or 479-857-1387

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