Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative


The Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative is proud to offer Arkansas-raised poultry, pork, lamb and beef.

We’re the farmers you know, working together to make small farming sustainable.

Cedar Creek Farm • Dettelbach Farms • Falling Sky Farm • Freckle Face Farm • Fresh Food Farm •Fruit of the Vine Farm • The Other Side Farm • Restoration Farm • The Wright Place Farm

Our farmers are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental care, and economic sustainability.

We formed the Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative to share the business side of farming — accounting, purchasing and processing, for example — so we can focus on being the very best farmers we can be, providing excellent customer service.

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative is farmer-owned and farmer-operated, with quality you can trace from pasture to plate.

We will have traceability on each item sold so that a customer can look up what farm/s their order came from.

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