McSwain Ranch

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We own and operate McSwain Ranch on 52 acres located on the Bayou Meto 2 miles south of Lonoke. We raise 100% grass-fed and finished lamb and beef. Our breeds are Katahdin Hair Sheep and Red Angus cattle. We practice MIG (management intensive grazing) using electric fencing and permanent water tanks. Our pastures are divided up into 28 paddocks which we rotate the animals on to fresh grass everyday during the growing season. No chemicals have been used on our land in over 25 years. We also have Heritage Breed hens who follow our livestock onto fresh pasture (via their egg mobile) producing some of the finest and healthiest brown eggs you will ever taste. We have Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Dominiques, and Barred Plymouth Rocks and they are very happy girls!

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