Bluebird Hill Berry Farm

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Bluebird Hill Berry Farm is a very diversified family farm located in Southcentral Pope County 2.5 miles S.W. of Atkins. The farm is made up of 70 acres which have been cleared of timber and planted to grass. Beef cattle and poultry are allowed to roam free and feed in their designated areas.
The berry crops (Blackberry, Blueberry,Seeded and non Seeded Grapes) were planted in 1998 in anticipation of retirement from the County Extension Service. I am a horticulturalist by training from New Mexico State University and The University of Arkansas.
Each spring a large variety of vegetables are planted and produced using as little synthetic products as Mother Nature will allow. This practice results in some fruits and vegetables having bug and disease blemishes.
In 2004 a Health Department approved kitchen was established on the farm. The production of Jam and Jelly as well as final poultry and egg processing is done in this kitchen.
The farm has a 12X12 cold room where produce is stored following harvest. The curing process of bacon and ham takes place here as well.
Our poultry and livestock are allowed to range and be free as God intended, within limits of the law, and receive NO hormone or antibiotic stimuli.

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