Amandaland Farms


Amandaland Farms is a small operation with microgreens in Little Rock and produce grown in North Little Rock in Pulaski County, and Houston in Perry County. We start growing with non-gmo, organic (when available) seeds. We grow the microgreens on soil and add no synthetic fertilizers or amendments.
Microgreens are small in stature, but mighty in flavor and nutrition. We always have sunflower micros, pea shoots, and radish microgreens. We can grow just about any specialty kinds you’d like. We grow fennel, cilantro, arugula, collard, kale, onion, and many others for local restaurants. You can find our micros in Me and McGee Farm Stand, The Green Corner Store, and Stratton’s Market.
We also sprout a variety of legumes and seeds. Tell us what you like!
Enjoy our micros on salads, sammies, and tacos, and in smoothies and soups.
We hope you like them. Let us know if you have special requests or suggestions.

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