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Simple Food

Good Morning Marketeers,
The Food Club is now taking orders. Well, really, our farmers are taking orders. Don’t let my elegant words fool you: the real interaction is between you and the farmer.
The Market is full of simple food. That’s what the winter season’s offerings impress on me. Basic but reliable ingredients. Greens, eggs, meat, root vegetables. Nothing to include in a catalog of fanciest gourmet cooking, but the ingredients speak for themselves. Since I started eating through Food Club primarily, I’ve found that good food doesn’t have to take much. Sometimes, two eggs, some shredded beets, and a fistful of greens is all you need.
Speaking of which: we’ve got some great stuff. Kale, turnips greens, asian greens, arugula, plus some specials on eggs, frozen blackberries, and select meats (check the Specials section).
But really, the thing to check out is our Plants Section. We’re loaded with plants of all kinds: fruit trees, berry bushes, lettuces, peppers, tomatoes. Lots of great options, with the greenhouses having done the startup work for you!
Try not to enjoy too much.
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and Fellow Sapiens,
The Market closes tomorrow morning. Still some lovely produce and meats to order. Bread? What about bread? Cheese!
Also, Tara Stainton of Rattle’s Garden has uploaded her beautiful, self-made garden notecards, featuring high quality pictures of her garden. They come with envelopes. Check them out under “Crafts”!
Sam Hedges

The Market: Cat Grass!?

Guess what?
The Market is open. Things are looking good. Check it out…

Ratchford Farms has arugula, greens, kale, collards, and Swiss chard. Sick at the moment? Well, you know what Mother says. “Eat your greens!” She says that, right?
Willow Springs has Chinese cabbage and Variegated Cat Grass. Yes, that’s right. Cat grass.
And our new grower, McSwayne Ranch, has grass-fed lamb.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Seed Swap. From what I’ve heard, fun was had by all. Seed saving and swapping is an important part of creating food security in our community. Wish I could have been there, but I was busy losing my wallet in New Mexico. A tip to the wise: don’t lose your wallet in New Mexico. Or anywhere else you’re visiting for that matter.
Sam Hedges

Seed Swap Thirteen!

Good Morning Hopeful Swappers,
We’re hosting CAAH’s annual Seed Swap this Saturday during Food Club (10-1). CAAH? Conserving Arkansas’ Agricultural Heritage. A fantastic organization that works to save heirloom Arkansas seeds and continue the process of seed saving and breeding better crop varieties for our climate. RSVP on Facebook! It is a potluck, so please bring a little something something for our swappers.
You do not have to have seeds to participate. Seeds will be for sale, and CAAH always requests that you save your seeds to bring back and swap next year.
And, on the simplest level, it’s fun to come, have a few conversations, see what cool varieties of seeds are available, and learn about CAAH.
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow!

Hey you,
By “you”, I mean the Food Club member who hasn’t ordered for the week yet…
The Market closes tomorrow morning. Better get your order in. Don’t you just know how you’re going to kick yourself come this Saturday, if you forget?
Sam Hedges

New Grower: Lamb Anyone?

Good Morning folks,
Please join me (digitally) in welcoming a new grower into our fold: Michael McSwayne of McSwayne Ranch. Check out his profile. For our tasting pleasure, Michael has uploaded his 100% pasture raised, grass-fed lamb. I don’t know about you, but lamb is a meat I dearly love and have sorely missed in our market. No hormones, no grain, no antibiotics or any other problematic chemicals. Just grass, which makes for some supremely flavorful lamb.
Two recipes for you: Lamb Kebabs and Lamb Curry.
The Market is open. Order to your stomach’s content!
Sam Hedges

Markt Closes Tomorrow!

The sun is shining…
But The Market is closing tomorrow morning, @ 7:30am sharp! Get your order in!

Just Pretend It's Outside (Open!)

Morning all,
The Market is open. Time for some menu building: veggies, fruit, bread, meats.
PLUS, a lot of seedlings and plants, courtesy of ABC Nature Greenhouse and Herb Farm. Plenty of house plants, heirloom vegetables, and herbs. Based on the weather outside, I’d say you could do some good growing right now. Speaking of which, why can’t this computer be outside, along with our online market? It is beautiful out there. I know it’s hard to stay indoors and place your order. Maybe you can take your i-Phone outside and order in the sunshine?
Sam Hedges

Farm Visits!!

I’ve got 2 words for you + 1 date: FARM VISITS 2013!! It’s time to get out there, breathe the fresh farm air, and talk to our beloved growers. To sign up for a farm visit or for more information, go HERE. Spots fill quickly.
In related news, Jerry and Jeaneane Markham of Bluebird Hill Berry Farm are hosting a Farm Visit Day, June 2, @ 1pm. Complimentary burger lunch, made with ground beef from – guess where?
Sign up HERE. So many opportunities to take a quick, agricultural vacation.
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow Morning!

Hey ya’ll,
The Market closes tomorrow morning, bright and early. Will you wake up in time? Best not take the chance. Order… Go! You know, like Detective Gadget.
Sam Hedges