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Tamales, Spiced Pecans, Rainbow Carrots

Last Food Club for 2012 tomorrow! The worlds not the only thing ending! Goodbye 2012 Food Club! What will 2013’s Food Club be like? Futuristic? Telepathic? Enigmatic?
We’ll be going out in style tomorrow. Michelle will have her tamales. Laughing Stock Farms will have organic rainbow carrots, snow peas, and more! Angela will have us a juice bar! I’ll have Spiced Pecans from Hardin Farms! 2012!
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow

Good Morning Locavores!
A bright, brisk wind this day’s commencement. Perfect for taking the recycling out.
The Market closes tomorrow. One more day to get your order in before two agonizing weeks of absence. Won’t you need eggs and breakfast sausage for your holiday mornings? Won’t you need Rudolph-esque red tomatoes, organic and locally grown?
We WILL be juicing this Saturday. $2 a cup, $1 if you use your own Food Club produce.
Josh Hardin of Laughing Stock Farms will also join us with his organic snow peas, rainbow carrots, fennel, etc., as well as Hardin Farms’ pecans.
See you this Saturday for a bustling holiday market!
Sam Hedges

A Change in Monday's Pickup

Morning Everyone,
Christmas approaches, and we have an important announcement: As Monday night is Christmas Eve, we are changing our Monday pickup time to Sunday, 4:30-6. We hope that works for your schedule. If not, Saturday is still an option!
Three more bits of delicious news:

  • Falling Sky has whole turkeys + turkey breasts and legs available.
  • North Pulaski has organic ripe tomatoes.
  • My last weblog should have read “Throes” not “Throws” in the subject line. “Thanks,” to my grammar watchdogs.
    Sam Hedges

Market in Throws of Holiday

‘Tis the Season for Over-eatin’,
I’m on my fifth potluck dinner this week. Praise the gods of agriculture for Food Club! Else, I’d have a hefty tab at Kroger, with lots of limp produce and shrink-wrapped mystery meat.
The Market is open. Plenty of good things. Now is the time to order what you’ll need for the holidays! Food Club will not be open for the week of Christmas (the 29th), so it’s time to stockpile! Eggs, meat, salad greens, bread, cheese! Holi-daze!
Plus, there are plenty of stocking stuffer gifts to consider: goat’s milk soaps and lotions. Jams and jellies. Gift baskets. Pork chops.
Load that basket up! And remember, no market opening this time next week. Happy Holidays locavores!
Sam Hedges

Juice Bar Tomorrow!

Good Friday Afternoon ya’ll!
Tomorrow during Food Club, we will be juicing! Courtesy of Angela Gardner, we will be juicing fresh, local produce for sale ($2 a cup, $1 if you provide your own produce). Apples, radishes, kale, sorrel: delicious, healthy juices! Bring your own cup or bottle! Proceeds go to ALFN. See you tomorrow!

Market Closes Tomorrow

Hello All,
Market closes tomorrow. Better get your order in! Still plenty of good stuff including…
Broccoli Florets and Broccoli Leaves from Kellogg. I hear tell from Eddie of Kellogg himself that he thinks broccoli leaves are taster than the actual heads.
Ripe Tomatoes from North Pulaski. Organic and ripe red. A BUNCH of them. Tomato sauce anyone?
Mizuna from Crimmins. Have you tried Mizuna? Hands down my new favorite salad green.
Sam Hedges

Weblog Entry

No time for lollygagging this morning, friends. Lots of news to share, but this is not the time! What you need to know right now is this:
The Market is open. Here are some things you might like:

- Our Market will be closed for the week of Christmas (you might not like that?), meaning that it will not be opening the 23rd for ordering and there will be no pickup on the 29th. We WILL, however, have the market open on the 16th for the 22nd pickup, so we can all get our groceries in for the feasting.

- Crimmins is back, with delicious, organic greens, root veggies, and sweet potatoes.

- Maison Terre has uploaded their Holiday Country Terrine. Here’s her description:
“Ingredients: pork, veal, beef, salt pork, pancetta, prosciutto, onion, garlic, black peppercorns, figs, pistachios, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, allspice, bay, eggs, heavy cream, cognac, and olive oil. For the holidays, the Tea Room will be serving a truly decadent and wonderfully delicious terrine. We thought we would make them available whole to you. This terrine reminds me of one that my Delta grandmother made this time of the year. It also reminds me of the country terrines I sampled during from my travels in Europe. Perhaps Grandmother Brown’s recipe was passed down over many generations. Serve with bread and cornichons as an hors d’oeuvres or as an appetizer, or over a bed or your favorite greens and with vegetable side dishes as a main course.”

- Tammy Sue’s Critters makes some perfect stocking stuffer gifts: lotions, soaps, candles, etc.

- Arkansas Fresh has uploaded their Birdseed Multigrain. You know, that multigrain sandwich bread everyone is so crazy about!

- Hardin has their fully cracked Desirable Pecans. Spiced Pecans anyone?

- North Pulaski’s Tat Soi is still the most beautiful leafery I’ve ever seen. Mild and tasty!

- I made a boo-boo last weekend: our One Year Membership gift certificates are on sale for $50. Two free months, folks. Wow.

- If you have a juicer: we sampled a fantastic concoction of apples, sorrel, radish, and kale yesterday. Bright green and surprisingly sweet!

- Armstead Farm’s done for the season, and they’ve asked me to forward the following message to ya’ll:
“Dear Members and Volunteers,
We have made our last delivery for the 2012 season and are already planning for a 2013 return. Thank you all so much for your support of both our farm and ALFN. We truly appreciate your dedication to the local sustainable agricultural movement.We also wish to remind you to always feel free to make comments, suggestions or critique our products.This is valuable feedback in helping us provide the best quality, freshest produce. Again, big thanks to you – we farmers cannot do what we do without you. Very happy Holidays to you and your family and best wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year,
Sue and Rusty Nuffer/Armstead Mountain Farm”

How about that? OK, that’s all I’m saying. Nope, no more information for now. I’ve got a whole newsletter coming with even MORE juicy news, so just you wait.
Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow

The Market closes tomorrow morning! Still time to order your staples: greens, apples, frozen fruit, root vegetables, eggs, bread, and cheese. Also, consider donating to Our House or Gaines House this week in honor of the holiday season!
This Saturday is our Seasons Greenings Part 2. We will be celebrating apples, the noblest of fruits, with tasty samples and cool culinary demo’s. Come enjoy a relaxed afternoon (1-3:30pm) at Christ Episcopal Church and learn some interesting ways to prepare and preserve apples!

Holidays Farmer Style

There are a number of ways to do the Holiday shuffle, some of which are hyper-consumerist, while others are the very opposite. I, for example, am currently sitting at an Alternative Gift Market at Christ Episcopal Church (church is in session, so I’ve got a moment). A bunch of tables are set up, encouraging people to give in celebration of the holidays. Which is sort of anti-consumerist. Through our food club, I like to think, you can consume AND give at the same time!

Spending money intentionally has always been what our food club is about. Buying from our small farms and gardens is an expression of a value. For the past seven years, your intentional spending has allowed food to make a comeback. Our market is doing great right now, which means more money is going to local growers, taking root right here, and growing better things. Keep it up!
I’d like to direct your attention to a few ways to give in support of ALFN. We currently have a deal on our year-membership certificates: $45 for one year, i.e., three free months. Consider gifting a loved one a year with our food club; it’s a great way to get someone started on local eating! And we LOVE new members. If membership isn’t the route you want to take, we also have Food Club Dollars to spend on anything in our market. Order your Food Club Dollars on our site or pick a certificate up during pickup to give to someone.
Don’t forget the donation opportunities a few of our growers have generously provided. Kellogg Valley Farms and Arkansas Natural are offering all manner of tasty greens for donation to Our House and Gaines House. You donate, and we deliver fresh, healthy produce to these excellent non-profits. A few months ago, we had over $100 donated through food club. Let’s do that again! As you can imagine, Our House and Gaines don’t typically receive the best quality food in their kitchen, so they are always delighted when we bring bags of greens and vegetables to them.
The Market is open, and it’s loaded with ways to celebrate the holidays. Click a button, support our local economy, and eat well! On a final note, North Pulaski Farm’s Tat Soi is a work of art in itself. A member ordered some for yesterday, and we volunteers spent a good five minutes staring into the bag at the beautiful display of green, glossy leaves. It might even taste great too, but I’d buy it just to look at.

Sam Hedges

Market Closes Tomorrow!

The market closes tomorrow! Get your order in! There’s a fable about the boy who forgot to order before the market closed, but I can’t remember it. Just let it be known, he met a grim fate!
Sam Hedges