Arkansas Fresh Bakery

Arkansas Fresh Bakery in Benton specializes in artisan bread production for restaurants and hotels. We furnish some of Central Arkansas’ finest establishments with hand crafted baked goods. The 1949 Rainier oven we use to bake our buns is the same one owned for fifty years by the famous Klappenbock Bakery of Fordyce; it is a true piece of Arkansas baking history. Our bread uses local ingredients whenever possible, and we use unbleached, unenriched flour. No trans-fats, additives or preservatives, nor iodized salt are used at Arkansas Fresh. We are a peanut and soy free bakery. Whether it is a gourmet hamburger bun or an authentic, artisan sourdough loaf, our love for the art is evident in each unique item. As our name suggests, everything sold at the market is baked the night before your pickup.

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