Laughing Stock Farm


USDA Certified Organic

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We are now USDA certified organic!! It has been a new challenge for us to document everything, but we think its worth it to ensure our farm is open and doing what we say we are. This 3rd party inspection lets you know that I am taking care of my land and learning new and less invasive ways to control the insects, diseases, and weeds of the south.

This is a journey I set out on nearly 7 years ago. And after 3 years on the farm in Sheridan, we have built the basic farm necessary to support a few small markets. We hope you will grow with us!

At LSF we utilize cover cropping, trap cropping, flame weeding, organic pest control, on-farm composting and companion planting to achieve the delicate balance needed to produce fruit, meat, and vegetables sustainably.

Josh Hardin
Founder Laughing Stock Farms

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