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Best Turkey of all Time

OK. So my family came together for an early Thanksgiving celebration (plane tickets are cheaper, less Holiday craze; try it some time), and Falling Sky Farm was kind enough to sell us one of their turkeys a little ahead of schedule. My dad brined and roasted the turkey according to their recipe, and now I have to announce that this was the best turkey I have ever tasted. It was phenomenal. And this is your last chance to reserve a turkey! Do your family a favor!

I’ve also got a few good guides to greens here for you, recipes included. There are so many varieties on our market that it can be quite overwhelming. Hopefully these guides (Number One, Number Two) will help you make your purchasing decisions.

It’s also time to think about what locally grown goodness you want for your Thanksgiving feast. What you order now you will get next weekend, i.e., the weekend before Thanksgiving. We’ve got plenty of holiday staples: pecans, sweet potatoes, greens, ham, turkey, artisan cheese, honey, apples, artisan bread. I think it’s of paramount importance to feed you and yours the right kind of food on a day meant to give thanks.

Last but not least, I have two announcements from our grower community: (1) “Turtle Rock Farms is very sorry for the issue concerning their 1/2 chickens. TRF is out of chickens and tried to make them unavailable repeatedly, yet a software error kept making them available. The error was caught when orders were sent out to them each week. We were able to verify the error and have since deleted the item permanently. Lastly, TRF is out of all items currently and will not return to the market until 2013. Thank you for your support and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.” It was indeed a software issue, and we apologize for those of you whose orders were not fulfilled by no fault of Turtle Rock’s. And (2), from Chuck Crimmins, “just wanted to let the market know that after this week’s listing, we will be taking a two week break and recuperate!! We won’t list again until Sunday, December 2 (for pickup on Dec. 8) We currently have ~30 items listed, many greens, lettuce, sweet potatoes, etc. If folks are interested in our ‘Perry county’ organic produce for both pre-Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day meals, this would be the week to order.”

So check out our market, order up and get some clothes with a bigger waste line ready!
Sam Hedges