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This page contains news, event information, and other announcements about our organization. If you have any questions about this program, please email us at or call 501-396-9952.

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Market Is Open!

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cool bout of Fall weather. The Market is open, and we have our eyes on the different varieties of cinnamon rolls from Lily Chanel Sweets. They look mouthwatering!

Please be sure to take a look at the “Fall 2017 Member Update” that was sent out earlier this morning. We are working hard to ensure we have a strong transition into the new year and can continue serving you through the online food club. We need all of your help and support to make it happen.

Up on the blog today are some great cheap, easy tips for decorating your home for fall!

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Fall 2017 Member Update

Dear ALFN Members,

The board has been working through all of the fabulous feedback we received over the last 6 weeks or so. Thank you for sharing your opinions, experience, and suggestions with us. The information provided has helped guide our next steps. Here are the three things we are focusing on right now.

1. User Experience with Website
The majority of comments we received centered around our dated website. The Locally Grown platform has been a great tool for ALFN over the last several years but we know we’ve outgrown it. It’s an old website that has served us incredibly well! It’s time to look for a solution that allows new and current customers to shop easily, allows us to run a more efficient and informed business, and allows our vendors to sell more goods.
Currently, the board is investigating online solutions that will serve all of our members and vendors needs. We hope to narrow down the search within the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more information! We’ll be sharing information along the way making way for a smooth transition.

2. Board Member Recruitment
We have several board member positions that will be opening over the next few months. We need new folks who would like to serve ALFN in this capacity. Specifically, we are looking for the following positions and experience:
- Treasurer – needs bookkeeping/QuickBooks knowledge; will work with current treasurer in 2018 and will move into the treasurer position in 2019.
- Governance Chair – helps ALFN keep organizational compliance with internal bylaws and constitution, as well as advises on any legal questions
- Tech Guru – as we move into a new system, we’d love to have someone with technology experience to help with transition
- At Large positions – we also have several ‘at large’ positions that allow people to plug in how ever they are best suited
Attached are the Board Member Roles & Expectations as well as our application. If you are interested, please apply and email to Claire at

3. Keep sharing ALFN with your friends!
We have seen an increase in interest about ALFN over the last few weeks! Your efforts are working! Please keep sharing with everyone you know about how much you love ALFN. Here’s a few ways you can get the message out:
Tell your friends about ALFN! Feel free to copy and paste this content for your emails:

Dear friend,

You’ve probably heard me mention the Arkansas Local Food Network before as one of my go-to resources for local foods. I love the ease of shopping online for Arkansas goods like farm fresh eggs, in-season produce, and handmade soaps. In fact, ALFN has the BEST selection of Arkansas produced goods of any other market.

You can try ALFN for two weeks before you pay the membership fee of $7.50 per month. I’d like to invite you to see what ALFN is all about! Here’s a link to their website: Let me know if you have any questions!

If you are on social media, please follow ALFN on Facebook and Instagram. Like and share every post from ALFN to your newsfeed.
Facebook: @ARSustainability
Instagram: @ arlocalfoodnetwork

We have flyers to share! Please pickup flyers at market pickup and post at your place of work, schools, churches, coffee shops – anywhere that has a community bulletin board.

We appreciate you all so much! Thank you for working to keep ALFN an amazing organization!

Market Reminder

Good morning! Don’t forget to place your orders on the market before noon today. You don’t want to miss out on all the holiday baked goods like banana chocolate chip bread, sourdough, navy bean pie, and much much more!

Weblog Entry

Good Morning everyone! We are happy to be open this week after taking a break last Saturday for Race the Cure downtown. You can shop the Market here. The Root Cafe is selling a delicious homemade chicken stock that would be PERFECT for your next soup!

We have your guide to fall squash up on the blog today, as well as some tasty recipes for how to serve them up!

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Market Closed For Race for the Cure

Good morning everyone!

Our market will not be open this week due to street closures downtown for Race for the Cure. We hope everyone has a great time participating in the race and events on Saturday, and can’t wait to see you all the following Sunday. And don’t worry, if you have a order from yesterday that you’re planning on picking up tomorrow we will be there!

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Market Is Open

Happy FALL everyone!

What a beautiful time of year it is. We have tons of delicious fall produce coming in, like these variety bags of winter squash from Barnhill Orchards. They’re so pretty you can keep them out on your table for decor until it’s time to eat them!

Don’t forget that Green Groceries is fundraising to meet their $2,500 goal until the end of December. Help them reach this and receive a matching $2,500 grant by making a donation, even if it’s just a few dollars!

As the seasons change, what we eat should too. Today on the blog we take a look at the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine and what it has to say about our fall diets.

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Market Reminder

Don’t forget, there’s only a few more hours left to place your orders on the market. We also need a few more volunteers on the early and late shift this weekend.

Claire Hodgson
Market Manager

Market Is Open

Good Morning everyone!

The Market is open. Check out the snickerdoodle coffee creamer under “what’s new”. Yum!

Many of you are familiar with our partner program, Green Groceries. This program provides 20-25 families with fresh groceries twice a month, drastically reducing their grocery bills and ensuring that they have nutritious, local produce and meat. ALFN is proud to be offering a $2,500 matching grant to Green Groceries, and YOU can help them reach their goal! They are only a few hundred dollars away from raising their half – lend them a hand and make a donation, even if it’s just a few dollars!

Interested in contributing to the ALFN blog that we put out every week? Email Claire at

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Market Is Open

Happy Sunday everyone!

The Market is open. Anyone in the mood to shell some peas? Green Acres is offering them in bulk at a great price.

Did you know that you can pay your membership fee one month at a time? Whenever you’re prompted to pay a $60 yearly membership fee, just email me or add a comment to your order letting us know that you’d prefer to pay for one month (or two or three!). You can adjust the price to $7.50 at checkout during the market!

We love all the treats from Amandaland Farms (like salted caramel sauce, pear chutney, and yummy microgreens) so we featured her on our blog!

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Market Reminder

Good morning everyone! Don’t forget to place your order before the market closes at noon. Thank you to everyone who took the time to speak with our board members last Saturday and share their ideas and feedback. We are so appreciative of every single member, and want to give you the best!