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I. Love. Summer.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate; I’m no fan of the heat. What I love is summer food. If you do as well, I have great news: The Market is chock full of fantastic summer foods and there’s still time to place an order (or another order) before it closes tomorrow morning. However, I must advise that you proceed with caution. The breathtaking bounty of the market in July can be too much for some. To spare you getting lost amongst listing after listing of just awesome and missing out on something truly special, here’s a few in-season stars worth digging out of the abundance:

Certified Organic Blueberries from Armstead Mt Farm. Only a few left; better get ‘em all. A mere pint of these pebbles of ambrosia won’t even last the ride home. Trust me. I know.

Fresh Cantaloupe from Hardin Farm. Summer isn’t really here until you take a bite of ripe, local melon. Sprinkle with a touch of cracked black pepper and dig in.

Sweet Banana Peppers from Kellogg Valley Farm. These pale green gems are Certified Naturally Grown and just begging to be lacto-fermented.

Non-GMO Corn from Hardin Farm. A sweet, bicolor variety of Providence and a rare find. Non-GMO corn isn’t getting any easier to come by. These ears may not be picture perfect, but they sure are something special. Toss a few, shuck and all, on the grill over low heat until mostly blackened. Peel that husk and enjoy.

Whole Chickens from Farm Girl Natural Foods. I know what you’re thinking. In-season chicken? That’s nonsense! The reality is that chicken is available year-round in grocery stores because those poor, genetically manipulated birds are shipped in, trapped indoors under artificial lights and fed the equivalent of Miracle Grow. Farm Girl chickens are only available once they’ve had enough time to grow up outdoors eating their fill of grass and bugs and soaking up actual sunlight. I could bore you with the health benefits of pastured chicken, but you’ll be far more impressed by the flavor. Throw one on the grill (next to that corn) and find out for yourself.

If that’s not enough to tantalize your taste-buds, take a look at the other 711 products available right now. You’re bound to stumble across something you didn’t know was available, yet suddenly can’t live without. It happens to me all the time.

~Rebecca Wild