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Market Is Open!

Happy Sunday!

The Market is open. Be on the lookout for our newest vendor, Amandaland Farms. She will be selling delicious microgreens and sharing recipes to inspire a meal full of this delicious vegetable confetti.

The Green Groceries program has been running strong all summer long, but that’s not the only way we support the hungry in our community. Next time you’re shopping consider buying one of the items marked donation on our site. These are sent to Our House shelter every week and greatly appreciated!

On the blog today is a great article on starting your fall garden by our own Nancy Dockter of Great Day Natural Produce.

It is time high time to prepare a fall garden space. Most fall crops are planted late August through mid-October, so the sooner the soil is turned and amendments added, the better… continue reading

Volunteer: Earn credit and membership for your account by volunteering during our Saturday market.

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