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2 Cabbage!
Grower: Barnhill Orchards
Price: $8.50 ( 1 box )
Available (Estimated): 9

HARVEST SPECIAL SAVINGS!! 2 Cabbage…great for grilling!! 2 Cabbage @ $4.50 = $9.00; Total Price: $9.00; Harvest Special price = ... more
2017 Grass Roots Chicken Stock
Grower: The Root Cafe
Price: $9.20 ( Quart Jar 32 oz )
Available (Exact): 3

Get ready for Fall with our locally sourced Chicken Stock! Chicken (Grass Roots Farmer's Co-Op), Carrots, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Black ... more
2017 Grass Roots Ham Stock
Grower: The Root Cafe
Price: $9.20 ( Quart Jar 32 oz )
Available (Exact): 2

Get ready for Fall with our locally sourced Ham Stock! Ham (Grass Roots Farmer's Co-Op), Carrots, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Black ... more
7up pound cake
Grower: Lily Chanel Sweets
Price: $20.00 ( 1 )
Available (Estimated): 100

Growing up I learned that, no summer was complete until we ate a slice of 7up pound cake. She's made ... more
ALFN "Eat Local: Grow Local" Bumper Sticker
Grower: ALFN
Price: $1.00 ( 1 sticker )
Available (Estimated): 266

Promote locavorism by adorning your vehicle, guitar case, or just about anything with this cool new ALFN "Eat Local: Grow ... more
ALFN Aprons
Grower: ALFN
Price: $20.00 ( 1 apron )
Available (Estimated): 16

Our aprons are perfect to use in outdoor grilling or indoor kitchen creations. With two front pockets, the aprons are ... more
ALFN Food Club Gift Certificate
Grower: ALFN
Price: $10.00 ( $10 gift certificate )
Available (Estimated): 40

Give the gift of local food! You will receive a $10 gift certificate, good for any Food Club purchase.
ALFN T-shirts - Adult sizes S,M,L,XL
Grower: ALFN
Price: $15.00 ( 1 shirt )
Available (Estimated): 53

Our T-shirts are awesome with print on both the front and back. Color options include green, grey, or blue. Please ... more
ALFN Totes
Grower: ALFN
Price: $15.00 ( 1 tote )
Available (Estimated): 17

Our totes are perfect for carrying food at the marketplace with the ALFN logo. more
All BEEF Hot Dogs
Grower: Ratchford Farms / Ratchford Exotic Meats
Price: $8.47 ( 5 Hot Dogs/~1.1 lb )
Available (Estimated): 8

What can I say? These are the best tasting hot dogs out there. They are 100% real beef from our ... more